Diversity & inclusion

Commitment to enhancing diversity and promoting inclusion

A working environment that values diversity, promotes inclusion, develops people’s potential and encourages growth and active participation in the company.

The distinctiveness of everyone and the value of diversity

BV TECH promotes gender equality and is committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination in order to operate responsibly and drive innovation. BV TECH supports culture based on inclusion, fairness and a sense of belonging; this allows the company to attract the best talents while creating an innovative work environment in which people can grow, express themselves at their best and feel valued.

The DEI team

A dedicated team, led by the Diversity Manager, promotes awareness and sensitivity on topics regarding DEI, equal opportunities, pay equity and integration.

Gender Equality Policy

See the BV TECHGender Equality Policy.

“Our D&I strategy is focused on enhancing diversity and an inclusive culture so that everyone can have equal access to the development and growth opportunities that BV TECH offers.”

Rosalinda Fantini – Diversity Manager BV TECH

Projects and collaborations

In order to build an inclusive environment and to accelerate gender equality, we carry out training courses for all staff to develop new mindsets and help people recognize and manage their own biases.

Furthermore, aware of the key role that management plays in transmitting corporate culture and values, we design leadership and mentorship courses to encourage personal and professional development, promote listening and discussion, enhance diversity and spread the culture of inclusion.

BV TECH is proud to be part of the network , the first business association that promotes gender balance and an inclusive culture for the growth of companies and of our country.

A partnership which, through a variety of events, initiatives and the sharing of best practices also at an international level, allows us to enhance diversity, promoting talent and encouraging inclusive leadership.
In collaboration with Valore D, BV TECH supports the Wanter project to encourage the presence of women in ICT and fight gender stereotypes, not only when it comes to STEM subjects.

Thanks to this initiative, we want to maximize talent, especially female talent, and guide boys and girls in choosing their professional future.

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