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BV TECH At the “International Conference on AI in Cybersecurity” – ICAIC-2024

Presented the research report “Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Malicious URL Detection with Feature Selection”, carried out as part of the activities provided for by the Program Contract “Suite products Cybersecurity and SOC”.

Work continues within the Rail4Regions project

The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme project to improve access to European rail freight networks, of which T Bridge (BV TECH) is a partner.

BV TECH supports the Valore D initiative “WE STAND 4 STEM”

The goal of the BV TECH Group is to support female participation in scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical disciplines and careers (STEM).


BV TECH will participate in the 10th edition of ICISSP 2024

Two research reports developed under the Program Contract activities and with the collaboration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be presented at the conference:

– ”Deep Q-Networks for Imbalanced Multi-class Malware Classification;

– ”Revolutionizing board cyber-risk management using collaborative gaming;

Privatewave at CIFRIS2023

BV TECH secure communication solution presented at the 1st National Cryptography Congress CIFRIS23.

Privatewave ensures confidentiality and integrity of information, protecting it from the risk of interception. It is cross-platform, available for Android and iOS. For enterprise installations, it can be integrated with the enterprise VoIP infrastructure.

BV TECH presents the “ICTALIA” Project.

BV TECH companies gain two new certifications

UNI/PdR 125:2022 and UNI ISO 30415.

Alvise Biffi at the Women Economic Forum (WEF)

Institutions, Businesses, Universities and experts to create a digital culture and a safe environment.

BV TECH honored by Matrix42

As the best “Growth Partner International” in Q3 2023.

T Bridge receives the Bioarchitecture and Sustainability Award

Awarded for honorable mention for the TRIPS-MDI app.

BV TECH is a partner of THE 2023 PAYOUTS HALL.

We look forward to seeing you from November 22 to 24 in Milan.

BV TECH featured at the 18th NATO CA2X2 Forum

The efforts of LoB Modelling and Simulation.

BV TECH at the NATO M&S COE modelling and simulation center of excellence.

Close cooperation continues.

Inauguration of Secure Network test lab

A reference hub with more than 40 Security Engineers.

BV TECH at Bari Polytechnic’s Job Meeting

To meet young talent.

The introduction into clinical practice of a new drug for breast cancer

With valuable input from Francesca Romano, Business Unit PA and Healthcare BV TECH.

The mHACKeroni team captures victory at Hack-A-Sat

The team took control of the U.S. government’s “Moonlighter” satellite.

T Bridge participates in KEYSTONE EU

European project funded by the Horizon Europe program.

Sportsbikeshop chooses Akamai and Defenx

The service will tackle bot scrapers.

Work continues within the Rail4Regions project

The European project of which T Bridge is a partner is progressing.

BV TECH sponsors the mHACKeroni team Inc

The team qualified for the finals of two prestigious international competitions.

BV TECH publishes research paper “YAMME”

The research was born as part of the “Cybersecurity and SOC Suite of Services” Program Agreement.

BV TECH at the third edition of ICECCME

A specific scenario of CyberRange.

T Bridge is partner of Rail4Regions

o A project to improve access to EU rail freight transport networks.

Progesi with the A.M. for the NATO CWIX2023 exercise

Industry-defence collaboration to support the Italian system.

Sabino Caporusso at the microphones of ITASEC23

BV TECH’s commitment to the evolution of national cybersecurity.

BV TECH is a platinum sponsor of CyberChallengeIT 2023

To support the annual training course of young Cybersecurity talents.

BV TECH is together with the Air Force in Pratica di Mare

Alvise Biffi spoke at the 2023 edition of the GLOBAL RISK FORUM

Giorgio Campiotti at the microphones of ITASEC23

Raffaele Boccardo, CEO BV TECH, at CYBER 4.0 – Cybersecurity Competence Center

BV TECH is pleased to participate in the HackInBo ® Group 2023 SpringEdition



26/02/2024 – 28/02/2024

Rome – Precise House Mantegna Rome

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Inauguration of the Secure Network laboratory
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BV TECH acquires Arturai
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Our publications


A Reinforcement-Learning-based Agent to Discover Safety-Critical States in Smart Grid Environments.

Authors: Alessandro Santorsola, Antonio Maci, Piero Delvecchio, Antonio Coscia

Magazine: 2023 3rd International Conference on Electrical, Computer, Communications and Mechatronics Engineering (ICECCME)

An innovative two-stage algorithm to optimize Firewall rule ordering

Authors: Antonio Coscia, Vincenzo Dentamaro, Stefano Galantucci, Antonio Maci, Giuseppe Pirlo

Magazine: Computers & Security


YAMME: a YAra-byte-signatures Metamorphic Mutation Engine.

Authors: Antonio Coscia, Vincenzo Dentamaro, Stefano Galantucci, Antonio Maci, Giuseppe Pirlo

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security


Unbalanced Web Phishing Classification through Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Authors: Antonio Maci, Alessandro Santorsola, Antonio Coscia, Andrea Iannacone

Magazine: Computers, Volume 12, Issue 6

A novel genetic algorithm approach for firewall policy

Authors: Antonio Coscia, Vincenzo Dentamaro, Stefano Galantucci, Donato Impedovo, Antonio Maci

Magazine: 17


A study on malware detection and classification using the analysis of API calls sequences through shallow learning and recurrent neural networks

Authors: Angelo Cannarile, Francesco Carrera, Stefano Galantucci, Andrea Iannacone, Giuseppe Pirlo

Magazine: 9


Reinforcement Learning Agents for Simulating Normal and Malicious Actions in Cyber Range Scenarios

Authors: Alessandro Santorsola, Aldo Migliau, Sabino Caporusso

Magazine: 1

How to align cyber risk management with business needs

Authors: This work was co-funded by “Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale Puglia POR Puglia 2014 – 2020 – Axis I – Specific Objective 1a – Action 1.1 (RS) – Project Title: Cybersecurity and SOC Product Suite” and BV TECH S.p.A. This work is co-funded by Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS).

Magazine: World Economic Forum


Comparing Deep Learning and Shallow Learning Techniques for API Calls Malware Prediction: A Study

Authors: Angelo Cannarile,Vincenzo Dentamaro,Stefano Galantucci, Andrea Iannacone,Donato Impedovo, Giuseppe Pirlo

Magazine: Appl. Sci., Volume 12, Issue 3


Combining Unsupervised Approaches for Near Real-Time Network Traffic Anomaly Detection

Authors: Francesco Carrera, Vincenzo Dentamaro,Stefano Galantucci, Andrea Iannacone,Donato Impedovo, Giuseppe Pirlo

Magazine: Appl. Sci., Volume 12, Issue 3

Cyber Range for Industrial Control Systems (CR-ICS) for Simulating Attack Scenarios.

Authors: Antonio Coscia, Vincenzo Dentamaro, Stefano Galantucci, Donato Impedovo, Antonio Maci

Magazine: 17

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